Bella and Sebastiana on the pickups for another closing party

When I grow up, I want to be a scientist, says Sebastiana to Bella. I will never be a teacher, says Bella to Sebastiana. But we can always play djs, right?

Marta and Susana are two moms who one day left their children in the nursery and cried, cried, cried. They cried so much that their pillowcases were scanophobic. One day they found their uncle who told them … go out, have a pizza, have fun, listen to a Bella song. And so they did: they went out, ate pizza and heard ‘the dog on wheels’. They realized that day that they were the two fans # 1 of the most wonderful band. And they realized that music does just as wonderful things inside people.

So, from time to time, Marta and Susana put on their magical Bella & Sebastiana costumes and spread music in people’s ears, hoping that the music will come slowly or quickly through their ears to the heart and make people dance, even if they don’t move (because dancing is something that everyone knows how to do and how they feel like).

Do you want to come and play with them?

This Sunday, February 2nd, after the Closing Ceremony + Film Concert, the party goes on at Café Rivoli to celebrate the success of another edition of the most beloved festival in Porto.

Free admission (limited capacity)