Come to a special sessior to warm up for the festival!

The admission to watch 9 movies is free and limited to the capacity of the room. IndieJúnior Allianz this year happens between January 28th and February 2nd at Rivoli Theater, Almeida Garrett Library, Casa das Artes and Rectory of the University of Porto.
Special Warm Up Session
Saturday • January 18th • 4PM • Casa Comum • Rectory of University of Porto

+ 6 years • 51′

Billie, Maki Yoshikura, Reino Unido, anim., 2018, 4
Billie’s life goes a new way with its new owners.

LinkLigação, Robert Löbel, Alemanha, anim., 2018, 8
Two people are linked by their hair. They influence each other with each movement they make.

Land without Evil / Terra Sem Mal, Katalin Egely, Hun- gria, anim., 2017, 4
What if the true paradise is within us and is in the harmony and unity of all that lives?

KUAP / O Girino, Nils Hedinger, Suíça, anim., 2018, 8
A tadpole takes a long time to become a frog and is left behind. But there’s a lot to discover in the lake, and spring will surely come back next year.

Popcorn / Pipoca, Sergi Vizcaíno, Espanha, anim., 2018, 10
The only dream of this popcorn is to see a movie on a giant screen in the cinema where he lives. But first you have to escape the popcorn machine.

Assombriação, Vários, Portugal, anim., 2018, 2
Things are as they are.

Il sest passé quelque chose / Alguma Coisa Se Passou, Anne Larricq, França, anim., 2018, 8
Last day of vacations. Everyone looks at each other for the last time and suddenly everything is more attractive. A siren sounds in the distance, the beach goes empty.

Pearfall / Pêra em Queda, Leonid Schmelkov, Rússia, anim., 2017, 3
Beware of pearfall. It happens suddenly, we need to be prepared.

Miles Away / Um Dia na Feira Popular, Cynthia Calvi, Suíça, anim., 2018, 4
What’s the perfect summer farewell? A day well spent at the funfair.