Discover the most suitable sessions for the whole family this weekend

Take a Chance! (+3 yo) | BUY TICKETS
February 1st, Saturday, 11AM | Teatro Rivoli

In this session of seven films you are taken to a Sunday in the world seen by the eyes of a child. Then you will meet Ned and Mishka, who have accumulated too many dirty dishes at home: there is a desire to eat but no desire to wash … The best thing is to get someone who is The Dishwasher. The Diver, tired of taking so many dives, decides to visit a masseuse. Then travel to a beach where two children play and discover a feeling that will last forever. In My Mother’s Eyes you will see a beautiful tribute to a girl’s mother. In Last autumn day, the forest animals prepare for the great annual race before hibernating. At the end of the session he puts on his seat belt and enters the legendary Tram O28 with a newly married couple of tourists. What will happen when the brakes come off?

A Nossa Família (+3 anos) | BUY TICKETS
February 1st, Saturday, 4PM | Teatro Rivoli

The session begins with a Good Heart, a portrait of an early family and working mother. Then in The Kite, you will see the tender relationship between a boy and his grandfather. In Dacha, Aliens, Cucumbers get to know what would happen if the aliens came to a Russian family. The Bamboule will tell you how fat you got by sight. Then inPickle Plum Parade, a girl leaves the house to walk around the neighborhood and is surprised because there is always something new to discover. About our Astronauts go to space. What will they find out? Finally, in Ties, you will learn the story of a daughter who leaves her parents’ house to follow her path.

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