IndieJunior Allianz and National Plan of Arts training teachers across the country

To promote cinematographic and audiovisual literacy at school, a collaboration between IndieJunior Allianz and the National Plan of Artsit is taking place from September 30th until the end of January: a training for teachers from all over the country. In a critical, reflective and practical way, we created the CINEMA & SCHOOL workshop for teachers from pre-school to high school with a focus on training in cinema education.

Based on concrete case studies, we will discuss the main aspects to work on before, during and after a cinema session at school. Articulating several modules of a theoretical-practical nature, we will explore what challenges exist in the elaboration of teaching materials related to a film or a cinema session, from a room sheet, to clues to activities inside and outside the classroom; what matters to know before programming; how to design learning strategies and manage resources; which pedagogical tools are available to us. Bringing cinema to school means opening the possibility of interacting in an adjusted way, valuing and considering the perspective of the other, knowing how to listen, contribute and actively respect group decisions.

The teachers’ work will be, above all, to bring reflection and a point of view, developing creativity and critical sense in the school. With the certainty that cinema is itself a powerful tool for thinking about the world.

The training will be online and taught by Cláudia Alves. These are trainings that give accreditations to teachers, which are free to participate and will also spread information about what IndieJunior Allianz is in other parts of the country, decentralizing in some way the content of the festival.

We increasingly realize the importance of teachers being in contact with recent, authored cinema and the importance of attending festivals and bringing this content to students of the most diverse age groups.

Former: Cláudia Alves

Maximum participants: 16 teachers

Dates & times:

Friday, November 27, in the afternoon (5pm-8pm)

Saturday, November 28, in the morning (10am-1pm) and in the afternoon (2:30pm-6:30pm)

Formers’s Bio
Cláudia Alves (Lisbon, 1980) is a director and educator in the field of visual, audiovisual and cinema arts. She started her career in fine arts and later moved to cinema. She graduated in Painting at the University of Fine Arts in Lisbon, and in documentary cinema, at the International Film School of San António de Los Baños, in Cuba. She had unique experiences in Milan and Barcelona, ​​but also in Havana, Mumbai and Bissau. In parallel with the making and production of documentaries, she dedicates herself to experimenting and designing cinema workshops for children, youth and adults. She collaborates regularly with the educational service of Cinemateca Júnior, Apordoc, of the Doclisboa festival, and, more recently, with IndieJunior and the Insuflar Cinema project.

Image of one of the trainings that are happening since the end of September.