Cinema at the Table: Frontier Cinema – Between Youth and Adulthood

In the 1st session of IndieJunior Allianz, at Maus Hábitos, we propose the programming of four short films that reflect, in very diverse ways, issues on the current agenda of our society that reflect issues of youth but also of adulthood. Capitalism, consumption and climate, gender identity, education and opportunities, family and technology, are some of the issues that can be seen on the screen. These themes will be addressed using fresh and creative images, with very open and frontal speeches and with an ingenious aesthetic. Between animation, fiction and documentary, we show four short films that promise not to leave anyone indifferent.

Four films will be shown on this session: Mesa*, by João Fazenda, RAPARIGASRAPAZESMIX, by Lara Aerts, Mardi de 8 à 18, by Cecilia de Arce and Normal, by Julie Caty.

Duration: 51′

Age Rating: 13+

*The film Mesa, by João Fazenda can be seen in the short films LOVE AND NATURE (+3 years / The whole family).


Frontier Cinema – Wed. | May 19th | 8:30pn | Maus Hábitos