Between Sea, Nature and Earth (+10): animal world, climate and human behaviour in focus

The Short Film Competition of this seventh edition of the festival is composed of 6 different sessions, which bring together a set of short films grouped by themes for different age groups.

Today we present the session Between the Sea, Nature and Earth (+10 years old – 2nd Cycle – 53′), composed of 6 films that deal with themes such as: animal world, nature, climate and human behaviour.

There will be 1 family screening on Saturday and 6 school screenings during the week:

Family Session
→ Sat. 28 Jan – 11:30am – Batalha | Room 2 – BUY TICKETS

School Sessions – 2nd Cycle
→ Tue. 24 Jan – 11:00am – Batalha | Room 2
→ Tue. 24 Jan – 02:30pm – Batalha | Room 2
→ Wed. 25 Jan – 11:00am – Batalha | Room 2
→ Wed. 25 Jan – 02:15pm – Batalha | Room 2
→ Wed. 25 Jan – 02:45pm – Batalha | Room 1
→ Thu. 26 Jan. 02:15pm – Batalha | Room 2

Session with films without dialogues or with dialogues with Portuguese subtitles.

Synopsis of the session:
We wander through mysterious places in Suzie in the Garden. In Stars on the Sea, we follow a mother who leads her children to a safe harbor. Basile misses Le biscuits de Mamy very much. A group of animals depend on a large sleeping Pig for the town’s electricity supply. A new friendship is established between Le garçon et l’eléphant. Autosaurus rex is a new species that inhabits our planet and has a special impact on ecosystems.

Suzie in the Garden
Lucie Sunková, Czech/Slovak Republic, anim., 2022, 13′.

Suzie is a little girl who goes with her mother and father to a piece of land outside the city. One day she meets a black dog and discovers a mysterious garden. Who lives there? Suzie is a bit scared. But what are you supposed to do when you’re scared of someone and you find that person’s key on the way?

Stars on the Sea
Seung-Wook Jang, South Korea, anim., 2021, 6′.

A day like any other, until the moment a mother has to take her children and lead them to a safe harbour. The unthinkable has happened: the house is flooding.

Les biscuits de Mamy
Frits Standaert, Belgium, anim., 2022, 13′.

Basile is six years old and has just lost his grandmother. He is already missing her delicious biscuits. At dusk, Basile finds his grandmother hiding under his bed! Together they decide to bake new biscuits.

Jorn Leeuwerink, Netherlands, Animation, 2022, 8′.

A group of animals connects an electric grid to the snout of a large sleeping pig. At first the animals use the pig’s energy for simple things, but soon they become dependent on a city where everything – the useful and the useless – is automated… How long can that last?

Le garçon et l’eléphant
Sonia Gerbeaud, France, anim., 2022, 6′

The arrival of a new student with an elephant head in the classroom provokes jokes and laughter. One of the students seems captivated and disturbed by this strange child.

Autosaurus rex
Marcel Barelli, Switzerland, anim., 2022, 6′

Among the different species that inhabit our planet, one stands out especially for its power and impact on ecosystems. It is the Autosaurus Rex!

This session was programmed by the students of 6th C, from Escola Básica Dr. Costa Matos, as part of the educational activity “I Program a Film Festival”.

The tickets for the family sessions are on sale at or at the Batalha Film Center box office. For the school sessions, teachers can register at or through the e-mail [email protected].

The seventh edition of IndieJunior Porto – International Children and Youth Film Festival will take place from January 23rd to 29th at Batalha Film Center, at Almeida Garrett Library, Casa das Artes, Coliseu Porto Ageas, Maus Hábitos and Rectory of Universidade do Porto.

See you soon =)