Check out the full programme for this edition

With the next edition almost upon us, the full programme for this seventh edition has been released today. Taking place between January 23rd and 29th, it will integrate a total of 55 films with proposals from 18 countries.

With a wide program dedicated to family and school audiences, the festival offers sessions for people aged 3, 6, 10, 12 and 15 years old. Among the various themes covered, the place of nature and of animals, climate change, abortion or family relationships in situations of poverty stand out. A programming that, also outside the cinema, wants to be a space for discovery and exchange of experiences, as shown in the Film+Debate around the way cinema and art can be important tools to mourn (26/Jan, 11:00, Casa Comum – Reitoria da UP), the Cutout Animation workshop, which will allow to understand and experiment with one of the image animation processes (29/Jan, 10:30, Soares dos Reis National Museum) or the workshop Let’s Imagine a Sustainable City? where the flora of the Botanical Garden serves as the starting point for a playful game around the natural life of cities (26/Jan, 14:00 and 18:00, Biodiversity Gallery).

Having the Sea as a central theme and wanting to strengthen the link of the event with the city and its stories, the 7th IndieJunior will present a special program of films developed in partnership with FILMar project, as well as the Film Concert – Tides where films about Oporto will be set to music, live, by The Banksy’s (Vítor Rua and Ilda Teresa de Castro). Continuing the partnership with Maus Hábitos, IndieJúnior 2023 will also include a Cinema at the Table session, with short films presented in a relaxed environment. The session is free for those who dine, and will show four films from various cinematographic genres that reflect on current and past issues that are of interest to young people, but also to adults, from the repression of the dictatorship to the dynamics of our parents’ divorce.

Based in another of the city’s new theatres, the Sala Novo Ático at Coliseu Porto Ageas, IndieJúnior 2023 will once again promote Baby Cinema sessions, for children under 30 months old, adding a new feature: a workshop for families with children aged 1 to 2 years old, where they will play with water, colour, sound and other sensorial elements.

The seventh edition of IndieJúnior Porto will feature four Portuguese films, which will be accompanied by conversations between the directors and the spectators. The following films will be screened in different sections: Ice Merchants, by João Gonzalez, The Garbage Man, by Laura Gonçalves, O Casaco Rosa, by Mónica Santos and Foxtale, by Alexandra Allen.

Highlight also to the special focus on Norwegian cinema, which will have Casa das Artes as its main venue and the choice of digital influencer and dj Peter Castro for the section My First Film: Marie Antoinette, by Sofia Coppola. Finish with the festival’s closing event, a Dancing Matinee to stretch your legs, listen to music and give a dance foot, scheduled for January 29th at 17:30 at Café do Batalha.

Information about the programme and tickets can be found updated here on the website.