Families in Splashes (+3): a screening for the whole family

The Short Film Competition of this seventh edition of the festival is composed of 6 different sessions, which bring together a set of short films grouped by themes for different age groups.

Today we present the session Families in Splashes (+3 years – 42′), composed of 6 films that address themes such as: memory, senses, knowledge, art, feelings, love, and family. A session programmed especially for all ages, ideal to bring the whole family.

There will be 2 family sessions on the weekend:

→ Sat. 28 Jan – 04:15pm – Batalha | Room 1
→ Sun. 29 Jan – 11:30am – Batalha | Room 1

Session with films without dialogues or with dialogues in Portuguese

Session synopsis:
An Guard of Honor’s duty is to stay at his post. In Mirek’s belly a watermelon is growing, next time maybe he will listen to the advice he is given, because Mom is Always Right. A cold-blooded snake and a hot-blooded camel become close friends in Naissance des oasis. After losing her grandfather, Cloe’s feelings are blocked, as are the Fonos of her world. Despite the dark corners he passes through, Vanja turns into a dangerous tiger when he says to himself “I’m Not Afraid!“. Mother Squirrel is busy gathering nuts, so she has no time to care for her children.


Guard of Honor
Edmunds Jansons, Latvia, Animation, 2021, 5′.

A guard’s duty is to stay at his post. Not to leave it is his duty, his honor, his pride. Come rain or shine. Until the moment a natural disaster interferes with this priority.

Mom is Always Right
Marie Urbánková, Czech Republic, Animation, 2022, 8′.

Mirek has a huge belly and nobody knows why. Diet and strict exercise don’t help. Her huge belly causes many complications. The simple act of putting on a pair of socks is a mission impossible. We follow the stories of various heroes, each with their own unusual problems. I wonder what their origin is.

Naissance des oasis
Marion Jamault, France, Animation, 2022, 9′.

A cold-blooded snake and a warm-blooded camel become close friends.

Gabriela Badillo, Mexico, Animation, 2021, 9′.

After losing her grandfather, Cloe’s feelings become blocked, as well as the sound of her world. Until an encounter awakens a memory that forces Cloe to confront her emotions.

I’m Not Afraid!
Marita Mayer, Norway/Germany, Animation, 2022, 7′.

During a game of hide-and-seek, Vanja leaves the bright living room and enters a dimly lit courtyard, which has many dark corners, shadows and strange noises. To overcome her fear, Vanja turns into a dangerous tiger!

Julia Ocker, Germany, Animation, 2022, 4′.

Mother Squirrel is busy gathering nuts so she has no time to take care of her children.

Tickets for the family screenings are on sale at bol.pt or at the Batalha Film Center box office.

The seventh edition of IndieJúnior Porto – International Children and Youth Film Festival will take place from January 23rd to 29th at Batalha Centro de Cinema, Almeida Garrett Municipal Library, Casa das Artes, Coliseu Porto Ageas, Maus Hábitos and Rectory of University do Porto.

See you soon =)