Big Friendships

In LA PÊUCHE MIRACULEUSE a man on a boat is fishing peacefully with his cat. He catches more and more fish, each more surprising than the last. The friendly monster goes on an adventure trip. The goal? Find out what’s at the end of the FUSSEL. Masha wants to go to the new year party with her parents, but they leave her with the MERRY GRANDMAS. HUGO & HOLGER is a film about friendship and the world of play and discovery through the eyes of a child. A very funny story based on the fairy tale with THE SEVEN KIDS and a wolf, is he really bad? THE LITTLE BOAT THAT WANTED TO FLY is a story about the friendship between an aviator and a boat.

Age Rating: 6+

Session with films without dialogues or with dialogues in Portuguese

This session was programmed by students of the 1st Cycle of OSMOPE, within the scope of the educational activity “Eu Programo um Cinema Festival”


Big Friendships – Sat. | May 22nd | 4pm | Casa das Artes