Playing Hide ‘n’ Seek is a film that shows a story about the flow and perception of time. Poetic visions are created from childhood memories. Lou speaks in an Oneself story of his relationships with gender, clothing, and other indicators. Imagine you’re 13 and your teacher shows you how to put a condom in front of your whole class? Foreplay is a sex education documentary and reveals how someone feels at the beginning of their sex life. Finally, He can’t live without cosmos, an animation of love and destiny between a mother and a child.

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Hide ‘n’ Seek / Brincar às Escondidas, Barbora Halířová, República Checa, anim., 2019, 7’ (Image above)
On the background of a childrens game there is a story about the flow and perception of time. To win the game, the young boy becomes an old man and his life shrinks to one hide and seek game. Poetic visions are created from the memories of childhood and they tell the story close to some adults.

Oneself story / Uma História (in)Comum, Géraldine Charpentier, Bélgica, anim./doc., 2018, 5’

While non-binary representations are rare, Lou talks about their relationship to gender, clothes, and other markers.

Foreplay / Preliminares, Anne van Campenhout, doc., Holanda, 2019, 15’

Imagine you are thirteen, your teacher is showing you how to use a condom in front of your entire class and images of different sex positions are shown on the digital blackboard… In the documentary FOREPLAY we see children receiving their most memorable lesson yet: sexual education. Their faces are flushed with embarrassment and curiosity, but what’s going on in their minds?

He can’t live without cosmos / Ele não consegue Viver sem o Cosmos, Konstantin Bronzit, anim., Rússia, 2019, 16’

This story is about a mother and her son. It is also about love and destiny.