Our Family

The session begins with a Good Heart, a portrait of an early family and working mother. Then in The Kite, you will see the tender relationship between a boy and his grandfather. In Dacha, Aliens, Cucumbers get to know what would happen if the aliens came to a Russian family. The Bamboule will tell you how fat you got by sight. Then inPickle Plum Parade, a girl leaves the house to walk around the neighborhood and is surprised because there is always something new to discover. About our Astronauts go to space. What will they find out? Finally, in Ties, you will learn the story of a daughter who leaves her parents’ house to follow her path.



Good Heart / Quando o Amor Volta, Evgeniya Jirkova, Rússia, anim., 2018, 5’ (Image above)
In one primeval forest lives one primitive family. Mom is strict, wild and gloomy in this family. All she wants is that everyone is full and healthy. But one day everything changes when her son brings a puppy home…

The Kite / O Papagaio de Papel, Martin Smatana, República Checa, anim., 2019, 13’

The Kite deals with the issue of death, but it does so in a simple metaphorical and symbolic way on the relationship between the little boy and his grandpa. It explains that none of us are here forever and that all living creatures must die, but also to show that death doesn’t mean the end of our journey.

Dacha, Aliens, Cucumbers / Dacha, ET’s e Pepinos, Ekaterina Mikheeva, Rússia, anim., 2018, 2’

One day aliens came to the russian dacha. And they never left.

Bamboule / A Gata Gordinha, Emilie Pigeard, França/Bélgica, anim., 2018, 9’

After a “minor” operation at the vets, a young cat starts putting on more and more weight. Her owners start calling her “Butterball” instead of her usual name “Bamboo”. She then gets the nickname “Butterboo”!

Pickle Plum Parade / Partida, Largada, Caminhada, Eri Sasaki, Japão, anim., 2019, 3’

A girl goes for a ramble in the neighborhood. The friendly dog is barking as usual. Oh, there goes a cat. Wait, no, it’s just a shopping bag. The old guys are laughing about something. I know a lot about this town, and yet there’s a lot that I don’t know.

About our Astronauts / Os Nossos Astronautas, Galina Golubeva, Rússia, anim., 2018, 7’

Three cosmonauts go into space. They wait for new discoveries and journeys. The story is based on a folk song about cosmonauts performed by Maria Yakovenko.

Ties / Laços, Dina Velikovskaya, Rússia, anim., 2019, 8’

There is a strong connection between parents and their child. A young woman leaves the parental home to see the world. But the world of her parents is so tightly connected with her that by leaving, she puts it at risk. It turns out that this connection can be also destructive.