Step by Step

TO THE MOON AND BACK is a touching portrait of Kess, who is about to start high school but is not sure what to tell new colleagues about her sister Bo, who died when Kess was almost five. In PUMPERS PARADISE, it is necessary to use your imagination to train during all the activities of the day. VANILLE, a young Parisian newcomer to Guadeloupe, immerses herself in an adventure full of mystery, with interesting characters and a magical flower. These are holidays that promise to be rich in twists and turns!

Age Rating: 12+

Session with films without dialogues or with dialogues in Portuguese

This session was programmed by students from the 3rd Cycle of the School Group Almeida Garrett, within the scope of the educational activity “I Program a Film Festival” in partnership with Teatro Rivoli’s Parallel Program.


Step by Step – Fri. | May 21st | 18h | Casa das Artes