Thinking, Being, Acting

In À LA MER POUSSIÈRE Malo and Zoe somehow try to catch their mother’s fleeting gaze. Then, with the help of ATHLETICUS: SLED, the animals reach the end of the track for fun. In the film MARDI DE 8 À 18 Névine, monitor in a secondary school, and Logan, a student she likes a lot, finds themselves involved in unexpected issues at school, after a simple gesture. MY EXERCISE shows a hilarious routine between a man and a dog, and to close the session, in NORMAL, Dany meets Karl Marx: the socialist asks him to destroy capitalism to save humanity. Reluctantly, Dany accepts the request and becomes a superhero.

Age Rating: 15+

Session with films without dialogues or with dialogues in Portuguese

This session was programmed by high school students secondary school of the Luso-French College, within the educational activity “I Program a Film Festival” in partnership with Teatro Rivoli’s Parallel Program.


Thinking, Being, Acting – Thur. | May 20th | 7pm | Casa das Artes