First films announced for schools and families

Since our programming team is almost finishing the selection, we are ready to announce the first two films that are part of the program of the first edition of IndieJunior Allianz: The Teeny-Weeny Fox (Le renard minuscule) by Aline Quertain and Sylwia Szkiladz and The New Kid (Le nouveau) by Rudi Rosenberg.

For the little ones, The Teeny-Weeny Fox is a short film about a mini-fox that meets a girl who sows giant plants. An ideal film for families and school screenings.

Thinking of the older children, The New Kid tells the story of Benoit, 14 years old, and a big change in his life: he moved from the countryside to the city of Paris. On the first day at school things don’t go very well and he is excluded from the group of the popular kids, eventually only bonding with three nerdy boys. At the same time, he counts on the support and ideas of his uncle to integrate. Following a tradition of the best American teen cinema, directed by the actor Rudi Rosenberg, the film follows the footsteps of the masters of the genre, John Hughes and Howard Deutch.