Foam of Days (+15): human relationships, conflicts, intimacy, growth and sexuality

The Short Film Competition of this seventh edition of the festival is composed of 6 different sessions, which bring together a set of short films grouped by themes for different age groups.

Today we present the session Foam of Days (+15 years – Secondary – 61′), composed of 4 films that address themes such as human relationships, conflicts, intimacy, growth and sexuality.

There will be 1 family session on Saturday and 6 school sessions during the week:

Family Session
→ Sat. 28 Jan – 02:30pm – Batalha | Room 2 BUY TICKETS

School Sessions – Secondary
→ Mon. 23 Jan – 03:40pm – Batalha | Room 1
→ Tue. 24 Jan – 03:40pm – Batalha | Room 1
→ Wed. 25 Jan – 12:00pm – Batalha | Room 1
→ Thu. 26 Jan – 11:00pm – Batalha | Room 2
→ Thu. 26 Jan – 02:30pm – Batalha | Room 2
→ Fri. 27 Jan – 03:40pm – Batalha | Room 1

Session with films without dialogues or with dialogues with Portuguese subtitles

Synopsis of the session:
Spotless tells the story of Ruby, a teenage girl struggling to access menstrual products. In Memoir of a Veering Storm, we follow a teenage girl facing an event that will lead her into adulthood. Artyom goes on holiday to his brother’s house and meets a young woman at the metro station, but this romance may not last Forevermore. The Ice Merchants parachute each day from their house stuck high on a cliff to market their product in the nearest village.


Emma Branderhorst, Netherlands, fic, 2021, 16′.

Spotless tells the story of 15-year-old Ruby, who lives in a small flat with her mother and younger sister. Her mother works overtime to survive and Ruby feels responsible for her sister. Ruby sees that she is menstruating and has no sanitary towels. In order not to upset her mother as she is aware of her financial problems, she tries to get them on her own.

Memoir of a Veering Storm
Sofia Georgovassili, Greece, fic., 2022, 14′.

What happens to the doe during the reproductive period? What does a young woman’s body feel during and after an abortion? Can a cyclone erupt only in our unconscious? It is a September morning. A storm is about to fall. Α mother takes a girl to school in the morning and brings a woman at the end of the school day. Anna, a fifteen-year-old girl runs away from school and, with the help of her boyfriend, they go to the hospital. There she has to face an event that will lead her into adulthood.

Alyona Oleinik, Russia, fic., 2022, 17′.

Seventeen-year-old Artyom is staying at his brother’s house in Moscow. The city is too big for his taste. He has no friends and his brother is busy with his life. Boredom begins to make the young man anxious to return to his parents’ home. Until one day, he meets a girl who plays the guitar in a metro station and suddenly doesn’t want to go back anymore. But his brother manages to get a ticket back home.

Ice Merchants
João Gonzalez, Portugal/France/United Kingdom, anim., 2022, 14′.

A man and his son parachute every day from their cold and dizzying house stuck at the top of a cliff to a village on the plain below, where they sell the ice they produce during the night.

This session was programmed by the students of 11ºB, from the Boa Nova Secondary School, as part of the educational activity “I Program a Film Festival”.

Tickets for Sunday’s session are on sale at or at the Batalha Film Center box office. For school screenings, teachers can register at or via e-mail [email protected].

The seventh edition of IndieJunior Porto – International Children and Youth Film Festival will take place from 23rd to 29th January at Batalha Film Center, at Municipal Library Almeida Garrett, Casa das Artes, Coliseu Porto Ageas, Maus Hábitos and Rectory of University of Porto.

See you soon =)