Friendship Tides (+6): films about relationships, new friendships, trust and traditions

The Short Film Competition of this seventh edition of the festival is composed of 6 different sessions that bring together a set of short films grouped by themes for different age groups.

Today we present the session Friendship Tides (+3 years – 1st Cycle – 48′), composed of 6 films that deal with themes such as: relationships, overcoming, new friendships, fears, trust, traditions and culture.

There will be 2 family sessions at the weekend and 13 school sessions during the week:

Family Sessions
→ Sat. 28 Jan 02:45pm – Batalha | Room 1 BUY TICKETS
→ Sun. 29 Jan – 10:00am – Batalha | Room 1 BUY TICKETS

School Sessions – 1st Cycle
→ Mon. 23 Jan – 10:00am – Almeida Garrett Library
→ Mon. 23 Jan – 02:15pm – Batalha | Room 1
→ Tue. 24 Jan – 10:00am – Almeida Garrett Library
→ Tue. 24 Jan – 10:30am – Casa das Artes
→ Tue. 24 Jan – 02:15pm – Batalha | Room 1
→ Tue. 24 Jan – 02:30pm – Almeida Garrett Library
→ Wed. 25 Jan – 10:30am – Batalha | Room 1
→ Wed. 25 Jan – 02:30pm – Casa das Artes
→ Thu. 26th Jan – 10:30am – Casa das Artes
→ Thu. 26 Jan – 02:00pm – Biblioteca Mun. Almeida Garrett
→ Thu. 26th Jan – 02:30pm – Casa das Artes
→ Fri. 27 Jan – 10:30am – Batalha | Room 1
→ Fri 27 Jan – 02:15pm – Batalha | Room 1

Session with films without dialogues or with dialogues with Portuguese subtitles

Session synopsis:
We find a small world at our feet when we follow The Ant March. A little girl overcomes prejudice and accepts her origins by saying “Meu nome é Maalum“. A little dinosaur dreams that he is a big scary Bellyssaurus. During one summer, Auguste runs to the coop every morning hoping to be the first to catch La poule noire‘s egg. Unfortunately, T-Rex isn’t very good at playing basketball. Despite the difficulties, Mína and her friend Toy have fun making a Sandpie.

The Ant March
Fedor Yudin, Russia, anim., 2022, 5′.

This film is a fantasy about the small world at our feet. An ant breaks free from the monotonous rhythm of the other ants’ work and embarks on a journey to discover a new sound of a familiar space.

Meu Nome é Maalum
Luísa Copetti, Brazil, anim., 2021, 8′.

This animation tells the story of Maalum, a black Brazilian girl, who is confronted with the nonsense of her classmates regarding her name of African origin. Sad because of the prejudice, the girl wants to change her name and ends up learning about the culture of her African ancestors.

Philip Watts, Australia, anim., 2021, 8′.

A little dinosaur dreams he is a big scary dinosaur. When danger strikes, he learns that it’s literally what’s on the inside that counts.

La poule noire
Marion Clauzel, France, Fiction, 2022, 13′.

During one summer, 4-year-old Auguste runs to the coop every morning in the hope of being the first to catch the black hen’s egg. But one day the nest is desperately empty…

Julia Ocker, Germany, anim., 2022, 4′

Unfortunately, T-Rex is not very good at playing basketball.

Kateřina Karhánková, Czech Republic, Fiction, anim., 2022, 10′

Mína and her friend Toy are having fun in a sandbox. Suddenly, the mud pies are eliminated and Toy is captured by Totemite cyclists! Only the youngest, Tricycler, feels sorry for Toy. Saving the Toy tied to a tall Totem seems impossible. Our heroes must overcome risky challenges, including digging a tunnel under the playground and chasing bikes. Finally, Tricycler holds hands with Mína and a new friendship is born.

This session was programmed by the 2nd year students of the Escola Básica Nossa Senhora de Campanhã, from the Agrupamento de Escolas do Cerco do Porto, as part of the educational activity “I Program a Film Festival”.

The tickets for the family sessions are on sale at or at the Batalha Film Center box office. For the school sessions, teachers can register at or through the e-mail [email protected].

The seventh edition of IndieJunior Porto – International Children and Youth Film Festival will take place from January 23rd to 29th at Batalha Film Center, at Almeida Garrett Library, Casa das Artes, Coliseu Porto Ageas, Maus Hábitos and Rectory of Universidade do Porto.

See you soon =)