The workshops for families happening this weekend (SOLD OUT)


The weekend is here and this Saturday and Sunday it’s time to open the doors of the workshops to families 🙂 Participation is free.

Workshop: New Normal (+4) | 45′

Sat. 29 Jan, 10h30 – Galeria da Biodiversidade, Centro de Ciência Viva
Sat. 29 Jan, 11h30 – Galeria da Biodiversidade, Centro de Ciência Viva

If there’s one lesson we can learn from life on Earth, it’s that normal doesn’t exist. For example, when we think of an insect, we may immediately think of ants or beetles or even bees. But butterflies, lacewings and praying mantises are also insects. Will there then be a normal insect? Starting from the most diverse animal group on the planet – that of insects – we are going to deconstruct the idea of what is or is not normal. And celebrate the full spectrum of life’s diversity, recognizing both its intrinsic value and the relationships established between species in different ecosystems.

Free entry by means of prior registration via the e-mail [email protected] • Limited capacity

Workshop: I Want to Animate! (7-12) | 90′ (SOLD OUT)

Sat. 29 Jan, 3pm – Casa das Artes

Have you ever asked yourself: but how are the 7-12 cartoons made? In this activity, you’ll take your first steps into the magical world of 2D animation! You’re going to get excited for real and learn one of the exercises that any animator learns – the bouncing ball. In this workshop, you will discover how you can make your animations with a small flipbook and everything we will need it’s made of paper, colored pencils and small animators ready to take their first steps on this journey!

Nada se Perde, by Leonor Faria Henriques, is a film that can be seen in the Colors of Nature session (+3 / Pre-School).


Workshop: Half Dozen Eggs – An Independent Production (+6) | 150′

Sun. 30 Jan, 10am – Galeria da Biodiversidade, Centro de Ciência Viva
Sun. 30 Jan, 3:30pm – Galeria da Biodiversidade, Centro de Ciência Viva

In the Biodiversity Gallery we can see hundreds of eggs, with different shapes, colors and sizes. Using imagination, we can see out from those eggs an even greater diversity of animals. From so much bugs, we chose half a dozen animals – and half a dozen eggs.

In this activity, we invite each participant to take a closer look at these eggs, and tell their story. Through simple techniques, which refer us to mechanisms of perception linked to the experience of cinema, the objective will be to create analog (flipbooks) and digital (GIF) objects that communicate ideas related to biodiversity.

Free admission upon prior registration via the email [email protected] • Limited capacity