Juries and Awards

Not forgetting that children are the main juries of this festival, they are responsible for the election of the Grand Prix of the Public, the festival is composed of an international competition of short and feature films, evaluated by the Official Jury of the International Competition (composed of three personalities of the art) and the School Jury (composed of children / young people from Porto schools).

International competition

IndieJúnior Allianz Gran Award

1,250 Euros

Award: No Meu Quarto/In My Room, by Ayelet Albenda.

Honorable mention: Laços/Threads, by Toril Kove.

Awarded by the official jury, composed of three personalities from the city of Porto:

Adélia Carvalho

Adélia Carvalho was born in a small village of Penafiel, city of Porto district. Last of seven children, she grew up greatly influenced by the figure of her maternal grandfather, Francisco, a great storyteller. During her mother’s always busy absences, working outside the home, Adelia sought refuge with the cats and dogs she found and sought (which she sometimes hid at home and fed for days).
She has a degree in Childhood Education from the Porto School of Education. She has taught in different schools for a few years and today is exclusively dedicated to writing and is a great advocate of animal rights (often collaborating with the Stray Animals Association).
He opened the Papa-Bookstore and founded, with illustrator Marta Madureira, the publisher Tcharan.
Adélia Carvalho has been present in several literary events, such as Correntes d´Escritas, the Madeira Literary Festival and LeV – Travel Literature. It has also represented Portugal in international entourages, such as: Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Filbo – Bogota International Book Fair, VI International Seminar “Literature and Sin – University of the Illes Balears and Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair.
Books published: The Book of Fears (Tcharan). Matilde Rosa Araújo – A Girl’s Look (Tcharan). The Bossy Crocodile (Tcharan). Elephant in Porcelain Shop (Tcharan). Nadav (Tcharan). Once upon a time there was a dog (Tcharan). The King Goes Hunting (Tcharan). Shelters (Tcharan). Wonderport (Tcharan). The Innocence of Knives (org. And collaboration as author; Tcharan). The Mirror (La Fragatina). The Man with the Suitcase (La Fragatina). The Cow Who Reads Books (La Fragatina). Secrets (Panamerican Editorial).
Awarded Books:
2009: The Book of Fears, special mention of the National Illustration Award. 2010: The Bossy Crocodile, special mention of the National Illustration Award. 2013: The King Goes Hunting, finalist of the Portuguese Authors Society Award. 2015: The Innocence of Knives, VIDArte Award – The Art against Domestic Violence, awarded by the Government of Portugal. 2017: The Man of the Suitcase, Little Hakka Award, China.
His books are translated and published in several countries, such as: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Canada, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Italy, United States of America, Australia, South Korea and China.

Jorge Prendas

Jorge Prendas was born in Porto in 1968. He began his musical studies at the age of 10 and later joined the Porto Conservatory of Music. In this Conservatory he concluded the general course of composition in Fernando Lapa’s class.
After graduating in Management Informatics at the Universidade Portucalense, she resumed her musical studies, enrolling at the University of Aveiro in 1998 and completing her degree in music / composition teaching in 2003. Studied with teachers such as Evgueny Zouldilkine and João Pedro Oliveira. In the field of Electronic Music, she composed “The Apparent Illusion of a Sound” which received “encouragement” at the International Musica Viva Electronic Music Festival 2002 and was selected for the Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2002. In 2003 she received an honorable mention at the International Festival. Live Music with the play “A possible reading for a poem by Eugénio de Andrade”. This piece was performed at the Synthèse festival in Bourges 2004. In 2010 with the piece “Qualche breather” was one of the 3 finalists in the international Harvey G. Phillips Awards for Excellence in Composition. He has composed for the most diverse formations, having already been published in disc and book several of his works.
He is connected to teaching, having taught Analysis and Composition Techniques, History of Music, Acoustics and Ensemble Classes at the Porto Conservatory, Espinho Music Academy, at Espinho Professional Music School, Óscar da Silva Music School and other institutions. education. He taught community music seminars at the Porto School of Music to undergraduate music students and postgraduate students in Community Art. Since September 2007, he collaborates with the Casa da Música Educational Service, and since September 2010 is the Coordinator of this service. With the Porto Symphony Orchestra Casa da Música participated in the projects “The Orchestra goes to School” and “New Hills of Ribeiro”. In the scope of the “Casa vai a Casa”, she has developed projects in various institutions, such as prisons, minors, therapeutic communities, retirement homes, centers for people with special needs and hospitals. He was artistic director of “Histórias do Norte” (2008) and “Histórias do Sul” (2009), shows created for the Suggia room. He has been artistic director of the Som da Rua Orchestra since its creation in October 2009. He has also been artistic director of the children’s shows “Bach Be Cue” and “Cotton Candy”. The show “Curado”, produced to mark the 100th anniversary of the first world war and performed in partnership with the Armed Forces Disabled Association, had its musical direction, as well as “Gulag” presented in 2016 and also attended by ADFA. He is currently the artistic and pedagogical manager of the EDP Foundation Energy Orchestras, as well as the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Workshop Leaders Training Coordinator, two projects being developed by Casa da Música. Between 2014 and 2016 he was part of RESEO’s steering committee.
He develops work in other musical areas, such as the quintet a cappella Vozes da Rádio which he helped to create in 1991. With this group he has recorded ten albums and two dvd’s signing most of the arrangements and originals, as well as music production. With this same quintet has performed hundreds of concerts not only in Portugal but also in Spain, England, Macao and Hong Kong.
He has had occasional film appearances not only as a soundtrack composer but also as an actor. “The Baron”, “CineSapiens”, “The Cave”, “The Amazed Viewer” and “Delirium in Las Vedras” are the Edgar Pêra films in which he participated. He also composed the soundtrack for Cláudia Clemente’s film “The Day the Letters Stopped”. As a composer and actor he participated in Edgar Pêra’s new film “Magnetic Paths” which will open in 2018.

Wandson Lisboa

Wandson Lisboa lives in Porto, but is from Brazil, specifically from São Luís do Maranhão.
In Brazil, he studied what fascinated him most, Social Communication. At the age of 16, he joined Jornal do TV Mirante, affiliated with Rede Globo, as an intern.
Later, still at Mirante, he went to work on the radio, where he spent a long time with his radio voice and placed in the right place. Realized that their site was not very clear, started to play with it. Only one month left to complete the Social Communication course and enrolled in another course, Graphic Design. Months before coming to Portugal, he also worked at a Design agency and began to make his way in this area.
She wanted to specialize more in this area and, therefore, she joined the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto, in Portugal and far from her surroundings.
You found on Instagram how to graphically show what you thought and where you felt freest. He learned to use Instagram with the theory of disguising his frustrations and sadness. It is there that you find yourself, that solves your life, that gives names to your tragedies, that communicates with yourself, that moves into the dualities that you demonstrate with your keen humor. Became a recognized and desired publicist through the language that developed on Instagram.
He says he likes Magritte very much and his way of playing with the images in his paintings, playing with the uncertainty of things, with jokes and a sense of humor, with dolls and with the invented reality, colorful and imaginary. It is in this magical surrealism that one defines and finds oneself.
Work ideas from home. It also collaborates with Q channel, antenna 3, among other Media channels.


Schools Jury

Best Movie Schools Award

500 Euros

Award: Fogo na cidade de cartão/Fire in a cardboard city, by Phil Brough.

Honorable mention: No Meu Quarto/In My Room, by Ayelet Albenda.

Awarded by the schools jury, consisting of students between 15 and 19 years old from different schools in Porto:

Ana Nogueira

Studying at the Vocational School of the Youth Center Campanhã (EPCJC), is 19 years old and attends the 12th year of multimedia. Her hobbies are: photographing, drawing and playing the piano. I intend to continue with the studies.


Margarida Gaspar

Attends the 12th year of the Visual Arts Course at the Luso-French College. From a very young age she showed a strong interest in cinema and its related fields of knowledge.


Maria João Costa

In the middle of producing a short animation about History and its rhymes, through the 12th year of the Soares dos Reis Artistic School. Seek to know more about the world and the different ways of interpreting it by sharing your discoveries through Art.



Audience Award

500 Euros

Mary e a Flor da Feiticeira/Meari to majo no hana, by Hiromasa Yonebayashi.

Awarded by the festival audience.

IndieJúnior Porto