Presentation | 2022 Edition

The way to imagination!

We crossed another New Year and here we arrived at the 6th edition of IndieJúnior Porto. After 5 very happy, colorful and relevant editions,  here we go to the second hand – and sixth finger, of this festival that is here to stay. And not just to stay, but to open paths and create bridges between the audience and the world of imagination. Instead of the usual building materials – concrete, iron and wood – these bridges are built through the magic of cinema! Everything is set for one more trip, which this year has a program that includes themes such as civility, hospitality, nature and how it could not be missing… fun!

Although we continue to face some challenges, we managed to readjust to this new reality with the necessary joy and resilience. For this reason, IndieJúnior Porto – International Children and Youth Film Festival, continues for the second consecutive year to work inside the schools, in addition to other official spaces, connecting classrooms to a world full of colors, dreams and knowledge. Outside schools, the festival returns to the Teatro Rivoli, Almeida Garrett Municipal Library, Casa das Artes, Maus Hábitos and the Rectory of the University of Porto, from 25th to 30th of January, to spread cinema throughout the city of Porto.

We reached this sixth edition with new films, renewed partnerships, and many young programmers. The festival’s program presents, among other proposals, a competition that this year includes around 50 films, including feature and short films, fiction, documentaries and animations. As in previous editions, some of these films were chosen by children and young people aged 6 to 18, from four schools in Porto (Caroline Michaelis School Group, Sophia Mello Breyner School Group, Garcia de Orta School Group and Professional School of Campanhã), within the scope of the I Program a Film Festival initiative, organized in partnership with Teatro Rivoli’s Parallel Program.

From the 25th to the 30th of January we have our annual meeting scheduled in the usual venues (or in schools) to watch movies on the big screen, shortening the distance between the real world and the imagination. This is cinema!

See you soon!

IndieJúnior Porto