Juries & Awards

Official Juries:

1) International Competition: Attributes IndieJúnior Allianz Grand Prize (1.250 Euros)

Winner: À La Mer Poussière (Héloïse Ferlay)

Honorable Mention: Alice Junior (Gil Baroni)

Luísa Sequeira

Luísa Sequeira is a filmmaker and a film curator, who work on multiple platforms, such as, film, video and photography, who explore the intersections of cinema, design and emerging media. She studied journalism and specialised in directing documentaries at Porto University, currently she is doing a PhD in Media Art, development a research in memory, archive, archeology and cinema. For ten years she worked at RTP, where she was the author and coordinator of Fotograma, a weekly documentary magazine exclusively dedicated to cinema in a documentary format.
Since 2010, she is the artistic director of Shortcutz Porto and organize Super 9 Mobile Film Fest, an online festival exclusively dedicated to mobile cinema. In Cinema, she made several short and experimental films that have been screened at various international film festivals, exhibitions and symposiums. In 2017 it was premiered the documentary film “Who’s Barbara Virginia?”, a film about the first Portuguese filmmaker, youngest female director at the time and one of the first female directors at Cannes film festival in 1946 . Currently she is working with the artist Sama on the documentary “Nada a Temer”, a film about the current political and social situation in Brazil, and she is producing with Luísa Marinho and Ana Luísa Amaral a documentary on “The New Letters Portuguese”, considering the first international feminist cause.


Rita Brandão

Designer and Artistic Educator at OSMOPE.


Rita Capucho

Rita Capucho is co-director of the Porto Femme International Film Festival, programmer of the Femme Sessions and Shortcutz Aveiro. She works as a producer and programmer in several cultural organizations.
Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Art Studies from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Coimbra. She is a member of the Working Group on Artistic Currents and Intellectual Movements of the CEIS20 – Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of the 20th Century of the University of Coimbra and the group Image, Art, Ethics and Society of the Federal University of Pará. She was a jury member at several international and national film festivals and also belongs to the organization of the São Tomé Festfilm. Member of the Poetic Group of Aveiro, organizes the Poetry Slam Aveiro, as well as other events related to poetry. She was one of the founding members of the AVANCA | CINEMA – International Cinema Conference – Art, Technology, Communication and also editorial producer of the International Journal of Cinema. She was a programmer at Dolce Vita’s Ovar Cinema, at “The Thursdays of Cinema” of the Movie Theater of Estarreja and at “The Films of Our Tuesdays”of Aveiro Theater.


2) Schools: Attributes the Award for Best Film (500 Euros)

Winner: Fritzi – A Revolutionary Tale (Ralf Kukula, Matthias Bruhn)

Ana Castro

Student of the 12th year of the Professional Technological Psychological School of Porto in a psychosocial support technics.


Gustavo Carneiro

Student at the Institute of Arts and Image. The relationship between Gustavo and the cinema began the day he saw the film “A Clockwork Orange” by Stanley Kubrick for the first time; which he has watched more than ten times. This event was very important for Gustavo because, in addition to introducing him to the world of cinema, he ended up having a great influence on his relationship with all manifestations of art – both directly, as is the case with literature, as it was when he watched the film and ended up buying the book on which it is based and from there he really began to love the act of reading; but also indirectly, since from then on he gained a much greater interest in painting, music, photography, theater, etc.


Tiago Magalhães

Multimedia Student (Animation) at Soares dos Reis Art School


3) Audience: Attributes the Audience Award (500 Euros)


Juries will be able to assign honorable mentions when deemed necessary.

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