Cinema on the Tram

In a year when the program is dedicated to the theme of travel, IndieJúnior Allianz will promote special movie sessions on board the tram parked at the Tram Museum. Taking place on 25 January, in anticipation of the official opening of the festival, the six sessions will feature a selection of films for children from 3 years of age, projected in a unique and intimate environment. Admission is free and limited to the capacity of the space. Reservations are available through the event website.

Always keeping an eye on themes related to nature and animal life, the Cosmos Ambassadors will follow aboard this trip, who will show us what would happen if the aliens spoke to our dogs, and a different set of Travelers, where we accompany a tiger. on adventures through outer space. Across the seas we will sail alongside The Pirate among whales and icebergs and with Bada, Dada and Boo aboard an adventurous boat (BaDaBoo: The Boat Trip). Already on earth be careful with the Falling Pear, happens suddenly, you need to be prepared.



Pearfall, Leonid Schmelkov, Russia, animation, 2017, 3’

Beware of pearfall. It happens suddenly, we need to be prepared.


Ambassadors of the Cosmos, Béla Klingl, Hungary, animation, 2017, 8′

What if instead of humans and aliens the first contact was between dogs and aliens?


Le Petit Pirate, Ornella Macchia/Bruno Tondeur/Margot Reumont/Gwendoline Gamboa/Hippolythe Cuppilard, Belgium, animation, 2017, 3′

A tiny pirate rows on his boat, and nothing can stop him, not even whales, rain or icebergs.


BaDaBoo: The Boat Trip, Rhellam Karim, Belgium, animation, 2017, 7′

Bada, Dada and Boo live a great and colorful adventure together. With imagination, they overcome all obstacles.


Voyagers, Gauthier Ammeux/Valentine Baillon/Benjamin Chaumeny/Alexandre Dumez/Lea Finucci/Marina Roger, France, animation, 2017, 8′

A tiger, escaping his hunter, ends up in a space station occupied by an astronaut and his goldfish.