Lap Cinema

Lap Cinema returns to the festival. It’s called that because the lap is where we begin to know the world, at the same time warm and carried by our parents.
This very special movie theater is set on the stage of an auditorium, a cozy and comfortable place where babies can explore the space and enjoy the first big screen images with their parents. This cocoon-like space was designed by Marta Silva, set designer and set design teacher at ESMAE (Higher School of Music and Performing Arts), and also developed with the collaboration of Inês Mota.

We chose little movies – stories full of color and stimulating sounds – with amazing projections, in a space that allows the child to react and move safely. For the first time it will be an unforgettable joint discovery of parents and children of the magic of the movie theater.

The participation of babies under 3 months of age is not indicated.