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We want to see your films: call for entries IndieJúnior Porto 2024

After an excellent seventh edition, IndieJúnior will be back in 2024. The 7th International Children’s and Youth Film Festival of Porto will be held from 22nd to 28th January 2024, so we want to see your films.

As of today, we invite you to submit your film. We look forward to receive recent works (produced in 2022, 2023 or 2024) open to all genres and durations. Regulations including all necessary information are available below here and submissions can be made at

IndieJúnior Porto is a film festival aimed at children and adolescents, segmented into programs for families, schools and the general public.

In addition to other sections, the festival has an international competition, which awards three prizes: Award for Best Impact Film (adults and youth jury), IndieJúnior Grand Prize (jury composed of film professionals) and Audience Award.

Animation, fiction and documentary films are part of a carefully planned program, taking into account each target audience: +3 years, +6 years, +10 years, +12 years and +15 years. Concerning schools, programs are segmented for preschool, 1st, 2nd, 3rd cycles and high school.

Regulations IndieJúnior Porto 2024


The IndieJúnior Porto – International Children’s and Youth Film Festival will be held from 22nd to 28th January 2024. A cinema festival aimed at children and adolescents, segmented into programs for families, schools and the general public.

Animation, fiction and documentary films are part of a carefully planned program, taking into account each target audience: +3 years, +6 years, +10 years, +12 years and +15 years. Concerning schools, programs are segmented for preschool, 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles and secondary school.

Article 1

IndieJúnior Porto intends to stimulate the exhibition of films that are not distributed nor exhibited in the traditional cinema circuits in Portugal. It aims to promote access to culture through cinema and show films (short and feature, animation, documentary and fiction) that do not reach the regular distribution channels, allowing the encounter with new ways of seeing and thinking about the world. Another purpose is to stimulate the national production of films for children and create an enriching environment for its target audience, both in the film screenings and in the pedagogical and leisure activities that take place at the festival.

The festival gives preference to films that have not been shown in Portugal before.

Article 2

The 8th edition of IndieJúnior will be held from 22nd to 28th January 2024, at Batalha Film Centre, among other venues in Porto.

Article 3
(How to apply)

  1. To apply to IndieJúnior´s International Competition, films must fulfill all the following criteria:

– Fiction, animation, documentary or experimental short (up until 45 minutes)

– Completed in either 2022, 2023 or 2024;

  1. The festival may, in exceptional circumstances, decide to select films that do not fulfill one or more of these criteria. Such selection is at the discretion of the festival organizers.

Article 4

  1. Submitted films must have a screener subtitled in English  (in the original language of the film is not English);
  2. Selected films are required to have a non-subtitled exhibition copy;
  3. It is imperative to send the dialogue list in English (including time codes), preferably in .SRT format before sending the final version of the film.

Article 5
(Juries and Awards)

  1. IndieJúnior official juries are:
    a) jury composed of adults and young people who will attribute the Award for Impact Film (1000 Euros);
    b) jury composed of professionals in the field, who will attribute IndieJúnior Grand Prize (1.250 Euros);
    c) an audience jury that will give the Audience Award (500 Euros);
  2. Juries will be able to assign honorable mentions when deemed necessary;
  3. Individuals directly connected with the production, exhibition or distribution of films presented in the various competitive sections cannot be part of the respective juries.

Article 6

  1. Submissions must be completed online via no later than October 13th, 2023;
  2. Only online screeners  (requested in the application form) will be accepted;
  3. Links and passwords for the films must remain active until January 31, 2023. If this is not respected, the film in question may not be considered. In case you have sent an online viewing link and the film is selected we will need the downloadable file, for press/internal use;
  4. If relevant, please indicate if the submission is a work-in-progress;
  5. If the film is selected you should send to [email protected] the following materials:

– Immediately after the communication of the selection: dialogue list, film stills, director’s headshot, credit list and technical specifications and / or EPK (electronic press kit); exhibition authorization, trailer and / or excerpts. 

– Until January 5th 2024: exhibition copy (preferably unsubtitled) in the requested format accompanied by the detailed technical specifications.

Article 7
(Submission fee)

  1. Submissions include an entry fee:

– early bird – June 19st to July 19st (5 Euros)
– regular deadline – July 20st  to September 14th (6 Euros)

– extended deadline – September 15th  to October 13th (8 Euros)

  1. Portuguese short films shall be exempt from fee.
  2. Entry fees are per film.

Article 8

  1. The official selection will be announced one month before the beginning of the festival. After the communication of the selection and until after its exhibition in the festival, the selected films must not be publicly exhibited in Portugal.
  2. After accepting the selection in any section of IndieJúnior, the film in case cannot be withdrawn.
  3. Unsuccessful submissions will be notified at least one month prior to the festival.

Article 9
(Retention of films)

All film copies screened during the festival must remain in the procession of the festival during its complete duration, and will be returned only after the festival is over, or in some cases, when authorized, until one month after the festival.

Article 10

IndieJúnior shall be liable for the shipping costs of the exhibition copies (to the festival and back) as well as its insurance. If the film copy is shipped to another festival after IndieJúnior is over, the succeeding festival must cover the costs of the shipment.

Article 11

Insurance for all film copies is the entire responsibility of the festival, from the moment the festival receives a copy until its return.

Article 12

The producer (and/or the owner of the exhibition rights) of the awarded films must include the mention and the logo of IndieJúnior in all its promo and press materials produced after the award ceremony take place.

Article 13

Participation in the festival implies the acceptance of all the aforementioned regulations.

Article 14

Any film selected for IndieJúnior may be included in the extension of the festival within four months of the event. If you do not authorize the film to integrate the extension, you must send an email to: [email protected], until  December 31th, 2023.

Article 15
(General disclaimer)

All the decisions of the festival’s direction are final. IndieJúnior’s directors will be responsible for any decisions regarding issues not covered by the above regulations, in accordance with the international rules of film festivals.

IndieJúnior Porto