6th IndieJunior Porto: And the awarded films are…

The sixth edition of IndieJunior Porto has come to an end and, at the closing ceremony, the big winners of the 3 awards offered in an edition that once again took cinema to schools and invited many families to theaters were announced.

The French animated short film A Stone in the Shoe, by Eric Montchaud, won the IndieJunior Porto Grand Prize, being the choice of the Official Jury to receive a prize of €1,250. The film is a touching animation that tells the story of a new frog student who arrives at a rabbit school and feels that he is not where he belongs. Hospitality and friendship heal everything and the importance of a sense of belonging is felt.

The jury also awarded a Special Mention to Florence Miailhe’s film La Traversée, an animated feature film that chronicles the heroic journey of two brothers fighting for their freedom.

For the first time in the history of the festival, the University of Porto Impact Award, worth €1,000, was awarded, the result of a partnership with the University of Porto and created with the aim of distinguishing a film that encourages a change in perceptions and manages to challenge conventions.

Dans La Nature, French animation by Marcel Barelli, won this new award with the theme of sexuality, in a fun and original approach, challenging a new look at the theme.

The film party was for everyone and the audience of each session was invited to participate with their vote for the attribution of the Audience Award for Best Film. The big winner was the film Ink, by Joost Van Den Bosch, a fun Dutch animation that, in two minutes, has the audience laughing with an octopus that just wants the glass that frames its habitat to be totally and completely clean.

The Film-concert: When Cinema was Born, whose protagonists were the musician José Valente and the classic silent films, closed the sixth edition of the festival in an atmosphere of celebration and celebration of the Seventh Art dedicated to the youngest.

There were 52 sessions and about 50 films that made this edition, in which the younger ones vibrated with the films and crossed the bridges that provide journeys to the world of imagination.

Laurels 2022

IndieJunior Porto Grand Prize

Awarded by the Official IndieJunior Porto Jury, composed by Gabriela Trevisan, João Gonzalez and Laura Gonçalves

A Stone in the Shoe
Eric Montchaud, France, anim., 2020, 12’

For the clever mix of different animation techniques, the creation of a world built of symbols and visual metaphors that result in a clear narrative, and perceptible to the various audiences to whom it is addressed. By creating a discussion around themes about integration, migration and discrimination, in different life contexts.

Special Mention

La Traversée
Florence Miailhe, France/Germany/Czech Republic, anim., 2021

For the strength of personal history and the use of sketchbooks, for the portrait of the difficulties of crossings, of discrimination, told from a biographical perspective, the aesthetic beauty, the topicality of the theme and the impact produced.

University of Porto Impact Award

Awarded by the University of Porto Jury, composed by Daniel Floquet, Joana Caetano  and Susana Serro

Dans La Nature
Marcel Barelli, Switzerland, anim., 2021, 5’

For the courage with which he illustrates a relevant, and often unfeasible, debate on sexuality, in a creative, original and taboos-free way. Its bold message has even more impact due to the film’s excellent storytelling, which uses a refined sense of humor to dialogue with the target audience.

Audience Award for Best Film

Awarded by public vote

Joost Van Den Bosch, Netherlands, anim., 2020, 2’