Film+Debate: Mourning through art

We are never prepared for loss. We are never prepared for grief. Especially if we are still children. Based on the film Guaxuma, by Nara Normande, an animation that takes us through the childhood memories lived by the director with her best friend, deceased in the meantime, we launch the debate, in partnership with the National Arts Plan and Casa Comum – U.Porto, about mourning in childhood, introducing a new element – art. It is precisely through art that we will try to understand to what extent its power – so often restorative – allows to experience loss and mourning in childhood healthily.

In this Film+Debate (90′ – +10 years), we invite 5 professionals for a conversation moderated by journalist Helena Teixeira da Silva, at Casa Comum.

→ Thu. 26th Jan – 11am – Reitoria U. Porto | Casa Comum

Free entry – Limited capacity


Diana Alves
Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, University of Porto

Diana Alves is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Science of the University of Porto (FPCEUP). She is also a clinical psychologist at the Service of Psychological Intervention for Children and Adolescents at FPCEUP, where she coordinates the Specialized Unit of Learning Difficulties. She has been a consultant in several interventions in educational contexts aiming to promote the socio-emotional competences of children. She conducts research in the field of developmental psychology, as well as academic, social and emotional competence in children, having published both papers and book chapters. She is focused on the predictors of school-age children’s peer acceptance. Although the focus of her research is on basic socio-emotional mechanisms of peer acceptance, her work has several educational implications, since it emphasizes the importance of Multi-Tiered System of Supports aiming to promote children’s academic and socioemotional competence. She is a board certified psychologist in Clinical and Educational Psychology by the OPP.

Joana Félix

Born in Vila Nova de Gaia. PhD in Sports Science. Physical Education, Drama and Dance teacher with 31 years of public service. Intermunicipal Coordinator of the National Arts Plan. Biodanza practitioner and facilitator.

Maria Seco
Year 11 student at Inês de Castro Secondary School

Born on November 25, 2006, from Vila Nova de Gaia, she has always shown a special attention to the arts. She is currently studying science and technology, doing theater, studying piano and practicing biodanza.

Júlio França
School and Clinical Psychologist

Degree in Psychology and Health and Master in Educational Psychology from U.P. Specialist in Clinical Psychology and Educational Psychology from OPP. Member of the internship committee and the council of the specialty of Educational Psychology of the OPP.

Joana Pupo
Actress and Director

Mainly an actress, sometimes a director and a teacher. But always with a sense of curiosity and provocation, I’ve been questioning our place in this planet, with theatre, movement, and also by creating new means of encountering diversity.


Helena Teixeira da Silva

Helena Teixeira da Silva is a journalist living in Porto. She began her career at Público and then moved to Jornal de Notícias, where she worked for 20 years in the areas of politics and culture. In 2022 she took a break from daily journalism. She is the author of the book 751 days – Time does not consume eternity.