Focus: Norway, sailing through the North Seas

What’s special about Norwegian cinema? To get to know this country’s cinema better, we offer a programme with two very different sessions.

In an exercise that pushes boundaries in the understanding and knowledge of world cinema, we have organised a focus dedicated to Norwegian cinema. Based at Casa das Artes, this programme will include the screening of the feature film Sisters: The Summer We Found Our Superpowers, a powerful family film that follows two sisters in search of their father lost in the mountains, as well as a selection of animated shorts for children, which showcase the work of current directors.


Sisters: The Summer We Found Our Superpowers
Silje Salomonsen/Arild Østin Ommundsen, Norway, Fic., 2020
77′ | +8 years

→ Sat. Jan 28 – 03:00pm – Casa das Artes

Two sisters embark on an epic journey through the Norwegian wilderness to find help for their father, who has fallen into a mountain crevasse.

Film spoken in Norwegian with Portuguese subtitles


Short Films from the North: Norwegian Focus
51′ | +8 years

→ Sat. 28 Jan – 06:00pm – Casa das Artes

URSA – The Song of the Northern Lights shows us a little polar bear who has to clear the Arctic to find his mother. Florian and Malena are best friends, but when war comes, the creek where they played becomes The Hedge of Thorns. A Kind of Fishy swims through the depths of the sea. On a cold night, two brothers discover how beautiful the Northern Lights are. There are many incredible works, but My Grandmother Ironed the King’s Shirts. Despite the dark corners she passes through, Vanja turns into a dangerous tiger when she tells herself I Am Not Afraid!


URSA – The Song of the Northern Lights
Natalia Malykhina, Norway, anim., 2021, 10′.

Ursa is a little polar bear that has to brave the Arctic to find his mother. Between the cold and the snow, towards the aurora borealis, he will encounter different challenges and different animals until he reaches his destination.

The Hedge of Thorns
Anita Killi, Norway, anim., 2001, 13′.

Florian and Malene are best friends. Every day they play in the brook. One day war comes and the two children can no longer play together because they are on opposite sides of the war.

Kind of Fishy
Aleksander Nordaas, Norway, anim., 2022, 5′.

Driftwood in the form of fish forms a unique and never-ending underwater experience. Kind of Fishy has proven to fascinate a wide range of audiences, from juniors to seniors!

Northern Lights
Oscar Östergren, Norway/Sweden, anim., 2021, 6′.

My Grandmother Ironed the King’s Shirts
Torill Kove, Norway/Canada, anim., 1999, 10′

A personal interpretation of the Norwegian story – starring a grandmother who, during World War II, loses her job ironing the king’s shirts. Instead, she gains access to the enemy’s uniforms and inspires her own brand of resistance fighters, the “Shirt Guerrillas”.

I’m Not Afraid!
Marita Mayer, Norway/Germany, anim., 2022, 7′

During a game of hide-and-seek, Vanja leaves the bright living room and enters a dimly lit courtyard, which has many dark corners, shadows and strange noises. To overcome her fear, Vanja turns into a dangerous tiger!

Tickets for these sessions will be available for sale at the box office of Casa das Artes, 30 minutes before the beginning of the session. It is possible to pre-book both sessions at

We appreciate the collaboration and the contribution from TIFF Junior as co-curators of the Norwegian focus.