IndieJúnior Allianz 2021: until Sunday at Casa das Artes

We’re already on day 3 of the 2021 edition of IndieJúnior Allianz ✨

We started on Wednesday with the sessions Film + Debate: There is No Planet B at the Reitoria da Universidade do Porto, where we hosted young environmentalists from Porto, involved in the organisations Greve Climática Estudantil Porto, Zero Waste Youth and Extinction Rebellion, and with the session Cinema at the Table: Cinema Frontier – Between Youth and Adulthood at Maus Hábitos.

Yesterday and today, we were received at Casa das Artes, where we’ll stay through the weekend with a programme filled with films for all ages:


Saturday, May 22nd, 11h00, Casa das Artes

Short films session: Love and Nature

Age Rating: All Family/ 3+

Duration: 43′


Saturday, May 22nd, 16h00, Casa das Artes

Short films session: Big Friendships

Age Rating: 6+

Duration: 51′


Saturday, May 22nd, 17h30, Casa das Artes

Fritzi: A Revolutionary Tale

Age Rating: 9+

Duration: 86′


Sunday, May 23, 11h00, Casa das Artes

Short films session: Little One and Grown Up

Age Rating: 6+

Duration: 41′


Sunday, May 23, 16h00, Casa das Artes

Bonjour le monde!

Age Rating: 6+

Duration: 61′


Sunday, May 23, 17h30, Casa das Artes

Short films session: Grow and Learn

Age Rating: 9+

Duration: 48′