IndieJunior Porto: The sixth bridge between… reality and imagination

A new year has arrived and brings with it the new edition of IndieJúnior Porto, a festival that has connected younger audiences to cinema for six years.

After five very happy, colorful and relevant editions, it’s time to go to the sixth finger of a festival that is here to stay. And it is not just here to stay, it is also here to continue to open paths and create solid and lasting bridges between the public and the world of imagination. But, instead of the usual construction materials, so used in these bridges that depart from Porto and arrive in Porto – concrete, iron and wood – these bridges are built with the magic of cinema!

Despite continuing to face some challenges, the festival readapted itself to this new reality with the necessary joy and resilience. And, for this reason, the 6th IndieJúnior Porto – International Film Festival for Children and Youth continues to work with schools, offering, in addition to the option of movie theaters, the possibility of holding the sessions within the schools’ own facilities, for those who are unable to move.

Thus, in this edition, between the 25th and 30th of January, movie theaters are also reopening to the school community and families for a new dive into a world full of colors, dreams and knowledge on the big screen!

And it all starts on the next 15th, with the Warm Up session, taking place at the Rectory of the University of Porto, at 11:00 am. For this opening, the films chosen are The Witch & The Baby, Fussel, Merry Grandmas, Hugo & Holger, The 7 Kids and The Little Boat That Wanted to Fly.

Another highlight is the Film-Debate: The challenges of young foreigners and their integration, which will take place on the 27th, at 11:00 am, at Casa Comum, in the Rectory of the University of Porto, whose talk will start from the film Bon Voyage, by Fabio Friedli , a small animation that portrays the cruelties and difficulties of the journeys of people looking for a new life in another country.

After the success of the 2019 and 2020 editions, Lap Cinema returns to Teatro Rivoli with a welcoming scenography to welcome babies up to 3 years old in their first movie session of their lives.

The closing of the 6th edition of IndieJúnior Porto will take place in Teatro Rivoli’s Grand Auditorium, from 4:15 pm, with the Film-concert: When Cinema was Born, with a dive into some of the funniest films in the history of silent cinema that would make laugh for days, more than 100 years later. With his guitar, José Valente will accompany the projected masterpieces of cinema and reveal his identity as an irreverent, virtuous and contemporary musician. Before the film-concert, the big winners of the 2022 edition will be announced.

In addition to Teatro Rivoli, the Almeida Garrett Municipal Library, Casa das Artes, Maus Hábitos and the Rectory of the University of Porto will once again host the festival, from 25 to 30 January, helping to spread cinema throughout the city of Porto.

This sixth edition arrives with new films, renewed partnerships and many young programmers. The festival’s program presents, among other proposals, a competition that this year includes around 50 films, including feature and short films, fiction, documentaries and animations. As in previous editions, some of these films were chosen by children and young people aged 6 to 18, from four schools in Porto (Caroline Michaelis School Group, Sophia Mello Breyner School Group, Garcia de Orta School Group and Professional School of Campanhã), within the scope of the I Program a Film Festival initiative, organized in partnership with the Parallel Program, by Teatro Rivoli.

More information and the complete schedule will be released shortly, and registration for interested schools is still ongoing.

20 days to go 🥳