Lap Cinema is back!


The film session for babies returns in 2022 after a 1 year break, with a new scenography adapted to the times we live in, developed by ESMAE students Maria Eugênia Cavaggioni and Bárbara Costa.

Lap Cinema is a cinema for babies. It’s called that because the lap is the place where we start to get to know the world, at the same time warm and taken by our parents. This cinema room has a scenography especially inspired by the outdoors, created by Maria Eugênia Cavaggioni and Bárbara Costa, ESMAE students, and adapted to the times we live in. We chose six short films – stories full of colors and stimulating sounds – with surprising projections, in a space that allows the child to react and move safely with a scenography of sound and light that adds to the space the experience lived on the big screen. .. A first time, which will be an unforgettable joint discovery of parents and children of the magic of the movie theater.

The sessions will take place at Teatro Rivoli in many different times from Friday  (28) to Sunday (30).

Tickets on sale at or at Rivoli’s ticket office.

Ticket pack for €4, valid for 1 child and 1 accompanying adult (only 1 ticket must be purchased for each child). The participation of babies under 6 months of age and children over 2 and a half years is not recommended.