For children but also for young people and adults

Is it true that IndieJunior Allianz is the first children’s and youth film festival in Porto? Yes. Does this mean that older spectators will find nothing to see during the festival? Of course not. In addition to the films we are screening especially for our mini-viewers, there are several other scrennings to choose from, between film classics or recent films about growing up (like those comprising the Portugese cinema retrospective). For instance, we would like to highlight the screening of The Night of the Hunter, the only film directed by actor Charles Laughton, a masterpiece starring the equally brilliant Robert Mitchum. One of the most beautiful films ever made, about fear and the courage to face it.
If you would like to choose the screenings by age, you will find films suitable for each age group. About coati, programmed for the preschool screening (+ 3 years old), shows us that being different is not necessarily a bad thing and that everyone has their importance and their place in the world. Spring Jam (+6 years old) is a delightful animation about a young deer who, since he hasn’t grown stems yet, has to learn how to improvise. Blank Squares is a fiction (+10 years old) about how difficult the process of moving can be. During The Boy in the Ocean (+13 years old) we observe the effects of the first love on a boy.