Special screening for the whole family has a full house at the Rectory of the University of Porto

Saturday afternoon the Rectory of the University of Porto had a full house to see the 8 animation shorts films which were part of the first edition of IndieJunior Allianz.

Dedicated to the whole family, this special screening was organized in partnership with the Rectory of the University of Porto and preceded the second edition of IndieJunior Allianz.

Between January 30 and  February 4 IndieJúnior Allianz brings to Porto more than 50 films from all over the world that can be seen at Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli, Trindade Cinema and  Almeida Garrett Municipal Library.

It is also possible to participate in numerous workshops, a debate on gender identity in childhood and adolescence and have a conversation with various directors, among other activities.

Full programme at indiejunior.com