Special train fares for schools travelling to IndieJúnior Allianz

The Portuguese trains company CP provides special train fares for all schools in the Porto urban train network that want to travel to IndieJúnior Allianz between January 30 and February 4.

The partnership between IndieJúnior Allianz and CP allows students and teachers a 2 € ticket train fare per person.

The programme ranges from animation films to documentary and fiction and IndieJúnior Allianz programme for schools is designed for preschool, 1.º, 2.º and 3.º cycle and secondary students.

IndieJúnior Allianz school screenings have the special price of 1€ per student and are free for school accompanying teachers. School seats can be reserved through the link (available only in Portuguese) www.indiejunior.com/escolasporto